Manawatu Aikido Club

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Getting Started

All adults, from the age of 13 upwards, are welcome. Our classes are open to both women and men. Come and see us before training sessions and we hope to answer any questions you might have. We encourage those who are interested or curious about Aikido to come see our training, and take part if they wish to experience it.



White 'Gi' is normally worn for training, but new students can wear comfortable and loose clothes such as tracksuit bottoms and t-shirt. It is expected however that a Gi will be worn if the person decides to continue training.

The Gi is worn with an Obi (belt) that shows your Kyu (grade):

White Obi with Yellow Tip 6th Kyu
Yellow Obi 5th Kyu
Orange Obi 4th Kyu
Green Obi 3rd Kyu
Blue Obi 2nd Kyu
Brown Obi   1st Kyu
Black Obi 1st Dan (Shodan)

The 'Hakama' (black or blue 'overpants') is worn from the 2nd Kyu, Blue Obi.


Dojo Etiquette

Aikido training is conducted within the bounds of Japanese etiquette and words to which we adhere in our dojo: