Manawatu Aikido Club

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Aikido is a relatively new self-defense art, founded in Japan by Professor Morihei Uyeshiba (1883-1969, pictured at left). In his youth, he applied himself to many Japanese martial arts, called budo. He mastered Jiu Jitsu, the use of spear, the staff, and enjoyed a reputation as unbeatable with the sword. Aikido was born as a way to divert harm to one's self while not inflicting permanent injury on an aggressor. As Aikido developed it became clear that it was not only an effective means of self-defense, but also a way to understand life through the study of the energy flow within the Universe.

Aikido is not dependent on strength, but timing, positioning and skill. It is a martial art practised by women and men of all ages. All are welcome in our club.

The Manawatu Aikido Club has been operating in Palmerston North since 2003. Our classes are for all levels, twice a week.

Our dojo is affiliated with the Rotorua Tatsu Gi Kai Aikido Club under Sensei Dianne Haynes (5th Degree Black Belt) providing a link to Sensei Robert Nadeau (Shihan) of California (7th Dan Black Belt) who is a recognised teacher under the Aikikai World Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.